Business Growth Consultancy

A detailed business growth strategy that seeks to exploit the commercial advantage/opportunities that your business possesses to maximise your business potential and profitability for the benefit of directors and shareholders. It examines and provides market intelligence; competitor analysis; mergers & acquisition activity detail; management assessments; sale channels and financial modelling to help your business grow.


  • Clear strategic direction and focus
  • Ability to set and achieve targets
  • Improves communicate goals (and attracts) staff /funders/key suppliers
  • Managed growth that can be properly funded
  • Better handle on the market and its direction
  • More attractive business to exit
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Business Funding Support

A detailed look at your strategic financial plan and how best to fund the corporate ambitions of your business whatever the purpose. This financial business planning involves finding appropriate lenders, minimising the repayment costs, providing business funding support for any transaction, negotiating the best arrangements that will allow the business to meet its growth objectives.


  • Business is better able to fund its ambitions
  • Stronger financial structure and clearer vision
  • Best and most appropriate deals are secured at favourable rates
  • Lenders more likely to be positive to current and future funding requirements
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Strategic Exit & Succession Planning

Strategic exit planning is the process that prepares your company or group to maximise the capital growth of your organisation on sale or retirement. This business succession planning process ensures that the company is best placed and desirable to buyers in terms of the markets that you operate in; the staff you employ and both the current and potential profitability /financial stability that you enjoy. It ensures that current management are as likely to be the buyers of your business, as they are to be an attraction to a potential trade acquirer.


  • Business owners get excellent value on sale
  • The likely buyers of the business are known and primed
  • The structure of your organisation is investor ready
  • Directors/shareholders are not trapped in unsaleable companies
  • The owners are more able to sell to their own management, if they choose
  • Future retirement/sale/wealth is more predictable and planable
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Mergers & Acquisition Strategies

The function of growth by acquisition management comes from the idea that organic growth can be sluggish and sometimes difficult to achieve in a more mature market. By finding strong merger and acquisition companies, the advantages of expansion and often breaking into new markets, becomes more realistic. Our merger and acquisition strategies assist in identifying your market position; finding suitable partners or targets; helping fund your programme and co-ordinating the process from start to finish including post implementation.


  • Mergers can often be cash/debt free if they becomes a share reallocation in the merged business
  • An excellent way of breaking into new markets or gaining critical market mass
  • Economies of scale will follow
  • More consistent growth is achievable through targeted or bolt-on acquisitions
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