Case Study – Xirco Limited


Xirco is an IT consultancy, systems integrator and support provider that delivers highly cost effective IT services to businesses througout the UK. Xirco provide high quality IT support, advice and consultative services to businesses. Xirco help their clients procure the right software, solve their company’s challenges using technology and successfully complete digital transformation projects.



The Challenge


Xirco wanted to capitalise on the growth opportunities that presented themselves to this highly technical IT consultancy. There was uncertainty around the company direction, the services needed more alignment and the owners were considering their funding options.



The Solution


A detailed strategy review showed the areas of the sector to avoid and opportunities to acquire other risky companies were declined in favour of organic growth. The investment in a specialist ticketing division required a clear corporate structure and funding to be put in place. Significant Research and Development grants were unlocked. When the owner’s health declined unexpectedly, Ridgetown found buyers and helped manage the sale process to ensure the director and his family were taken care of financially.


Our Achievements


The company has grown over 220% during the period of our involvement with a focus on profitable IT support contracts which helped underpin the business. Development funding was secured to assist in both the growth and diversification into ticketing. An unexpectedly early exit plan was put in place to address the owner’s health issues.

“During every stage of our company’s journey, Ridgetown have supported us and helped us to grow by over 220%, we have consistently built our profitable contract base and diversified our services, with the help of R & D grants.”

Jon Hayes – Owner, Xirco