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Case Study – Intelling


Intelling are a professional service focused business working on behalf of some of the biggest brands in the UK. We provide all industries with omnichannel telemarketing and contact centre support. Intelling employs a wide range of staff, from highly skilled IT/ data analytics staff to more junior contact centre operatives. The Company’s contact centres, currently located in Manchester and Belfast are designed for a capacity of 250 agents. This ensures a manageable recruitment pool and allows for a selective employment approach.


The Challenge


Intelling has grown explosively almost from inception. Growing so quickly, they experienced some growing pains, for example, high staff requirements and adequate funding for their growth, including the desire to buy back shares from minority stakeholders. We also explored with the Board how best to exploit an exciting new Avatar technology and expand into new, lucrative markets and territories.


The Solution


We helped the company to complete a comprehensive strategic plan with a fully integrated financial model. This was needed to focus the growth opportunities and a prerequisite to secure funding. We additionally helped with the corporate structure that would support the expansion and make the business investor ready.


Our Achievements


We were able to secure several million pounds of funding for the business which helped transform working capital and it’s ability to exploit growth opportunities. The business has grown over 350% in the last few years and shows no sign of slowing down. Profitability and working capital have considerably improved. We have continued to support the group as they have taken on private equity funding. Intelling have recently opened a Belfast contact centre that has transformed its capacity delivery.


“With Ridgetown’s support, we were able to attract funding, this helped us exploit growth opportunities, transform our business and grow by over 350%”

Phil Morgan – CEO Intelling